Mixing It Up in 2015


Mixing It Up in 2015

January Schedule of Classes & Events

For more info please call or email Holly at RecycledArtist83@gmail or 609-670-2822

Sunday, 1/4/15 Artistic Praying – Learn to use art in your prayer.   This workshop we will discuss new beginnings and learn a new art technique.    $10 – bring a friend.  It’s a great way to start the new year off in a creative and inspiring way!

Saturday, 1/10/15 and 1/24/15  Kids Recreate  Kids ages 4-8 meet noon to 1:30pm and kids ages 9-14 meet 2-3:30pm.   Making art with recycled materials, found objects and discarded items.    $15 includes all materials.

Every Wednesday……Altered Book Class  11am to 1pm   $20 or 3 classes for $50.   Bring an old book and find out about new ways to alter and create your own personal piece of art.   Taught by Holly Doyle.    Evening versions of this class are available upon request.

Thursday, 1/15/15  Angel Readings a class with Karen Bianco – learn how to do readings for yourself or others.    More info to follow…

Saturday, 1/17/15  Pinterest Workshop  Join Mary Kay and Holly as we try out projects found on Pinterest but tested/adjusted/improved by your 2 crafty experts. 11am to 3pm  $20 includes all supplies.

Sunday, 1/18/15  Tarot Readings with Kali   12:30-4.   Call to set an appointment time.   1/2 for $30.   Also see the Mojo bags that Kali has available for sale at Jersey Made.

Friday, 1/30/15  6:30 to 8:30pm  Mediumship Gallery with Rich Braconi – Limited to 8 seats so each person gets a message.   $60 per person.    Paid registration required and it fills up fast.
Saturday, 1/31/15 – 10am to 4pm   Join us during Fire & Ice Festival (voted South Jersey’s #1 festival and there is good reason) for a trunk show inside Jersey Made featuring Chocolate Art Gallery and Heather’s Hats & More.
Happening in February 2015 but a good idea to make a note now…..
Thursday, 2/12/15 Paranormal Investigation of Jersey Made with Rich Braconi – join us to learn more about the spirits residing at the shop.    Many of us are interested in learning more about the soldier.   You will be part of the investigation and receive the data Rich collects.    $50 Limited to 10 people.   Paid registration required.

Newsworthy Updates!

Happy Autumn!

Jersey Made is having more classes and events and we hope that you can join us.    Here are just a few updates….

We are now a drop off location for Operation Yellow Ribbon.   Their website www.operationyellowribbonsouthjersey.org has a list of items that are most requested by the troops.    Jersey Made will be focusing on the Leftover Halloween Candy program in the month of November.   Bring in your excess or buy a few extra bags to help out.

The plaque has arrived for our Best Gift Shop in Burlington County and it is proudly displayed.   Thanks to all who included us in your voting – it means a whole bunch to all of the artists here!!!


Classes and events are expanding….

Call us to register or for more information on any of these…. 609-914-1536 or email Holly at RecycledArtist83@gmail.com

November 2nd  Artistic Praying   1-3 pm.  A mini-workshop discussing ways we can use creativity while praying (all faiths are welcome). We will be making Gratitude Journals.

November 4th Jersey Made is closed but we still hope you vote!

November 8th Kids Recreate is for ages 4-14 with a focus on using recycled materials to create art.     Ages 4-8 are noon to 1:30 and ages 9-14 are 2-3:30pm. Parents are welcome to shop, stroll or enjoy the porch during class.

November 5,12,19,26 Altered Book Class Every Wednesday 11-1pm.   As the holidays approach we will be using book pages to create greeting cards, ornaments and ideas that can be used for gift giving.

November 16th – Tarot with Kali – Get a reading.   12-3:30pm.   Choose from 15 minutes to an hour.   Also check out her Mojo Bags!

November 20th – Pinning OUR Way – the latest Pinterest ideas tested out  and adjusted (cause we are experts at this).    1-4pm

November 22nd Kids Recreate is for ages 4-14 with a focus on using recycled materials to create art.  Ages 4-8 are noon to 1:30pm and Ages 9-14 are 2-3:30pm.   Parents are welcome to shop, stroll or enjoy the porch during class.

November 28th – OPEN UNTIL 8PM!   Kicking off our Festival of Fridays here in Mill Race Village.    We will be open until 8pm with LOTS of specials each Friday until Christmas!!!

November 29th – SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Amex is leading the way to think local this holiday season and we are excited to be participating.   Register your Amex card but this event is open to everyone.   We will be having refreshments (if you know me well this means cookies and/or chocolate – hehe)

December 11th – Angels 101 with Karen Bianco 7pm 

Our military and their family get a 10% off discount on all purchases and 20% off for classes & workshops.    Sorry this does not include the Tarot, Angel or Mediumship events.


Kids Art will be happening all summer long at Jersey Made.

The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month will have 2 classes.   Ages 4 to 8 will be noon to 1:30pm and ages 9 to 14 will be from 2pm to 3:30pm.


Classes during the week have been added.

Wednesday 3pm to 4:30pm


Friday 11am to 12:30pm

Also available you can take a Favorite Adult and Me class!!   Special projects and prices so that you can work on art together.

Call 609-914-1536 for more info!!   Registration is already required – thanks!


Portal of art!

Today is Sharon’s birthday so she celebrated by joining us for Altered Book class.    She made an inspiration board for herself using a wooden block and some gardening magazines.    Her design even included her own version of a portal!!

Have you taken a class lately?     Always a great way to see things in a new way and sometimes I am not just talking about the art you create!!

Life is a Trip – An Altered Book Journey

 Linda completed her “Life is a Trip” Altered Book.   It was a quite a journey.

Therefore cake was required….

The cover in itself is a work of art!!   The bookmarks added an extra fancy touch.

Linda finds the best doo-dads to add to her book.   The little camera was perfect!!

Linda’s favorite pages….

The page that took the most time.    Her collection of coins from around the world are displayed so that both sides are visible and they do not move around in there!!

Finally the back cover!

 Is Linda done now?    NO WAY!    She has been gathering ideas for future altered books and is coming back this week to get started.   I hope this time she brings the cake!   hehehe

Altered Book Class is held each Wednesday 11am to 1pm and also on the 4th Thursday at 6pm.    Please join us – you might like this new adventure….

Celebrating Linda’s Altered Book Project

Linda has been working on her Altered Book for a long time.   I feel like I have traveled this journey with her as she turned an old encyclopedia into a work of art that celebrates her travels and adventures!

Join us tomorrow at the Altered Book class as we celebrate that Linda has declared her Altered Journey Book to be completed.    Refreshments will be served….Stop by anytime between 11am and 1pm!!!

Sometimes a book alterer has to get out the SERIOUS tools!

 When Linda’s book became too big for the binding she decided that it needed to be cut in half.   Bravely I helped her to do that and then we recreated a new binding for her book!!    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!   hehe

A visit from Kansas

It was awesome pleasure to meet Chris.   He is artist from Salina, Kansas.   Although he is just planning to start his senior year of high school in the fall he has already received awards for his sculptured glass creations.    It was easy to forget that he is only 18 years old because we had some great conversation and I learned so much from him.

Altered Books was something that Chris had never tried.   His Mom, Sally, had started one with a book handed down in their family.    We are not really sure what the story was about but the pictures it contained really spoke a story to Sally & Chris both!     So they are creating a New Jersey themed book together.

The photo does not show this well but the center has an oval cut out to fit an old piece of plastic that was once covering the face of a clock.   One of the pictures in the book is showing through it.

Of course there is a special section featuring the famous Jersey Devil and I had fun telling Chris the legend, including my own story of my adventurous moonlit hunt through the pine barrens.

It sure was great to hear about Kansas.   Seems it is much different than New Jersey.   Our little mill race is similar to what they would call a river.    The village seemed like the big city compared to what they are used to in their Kansas.

Really is enjoyable to see both of their visions for the book coming together. I hope their travels bring them to Jersey Made again but either way I plan to follow the path that Sally & Chris take with their altered journey!!!