Happy Halloween!

Please keep in mind while you are out Trick-or-Treating today that it would be great to share some of that bounty of candy with our troops.    Monokian Family Dentistry in Marlton has teamed up with Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey to gather excess Halloween candy to be shipped to out in care packages for our troops!   Jersey Made will be helping that project too!!!    Drop off your candy here that you would like to share.   Heck, pick up an extra bag while you are stocking up today.   Tomorrow I plan to hit a few local shops that will be having sales.

Now through November 14th!!!

You can also check out the website for Operation Yellow Ribbon South Jersey for a list of items that are always requested and needed by the troops.   Jersey Made is glad to help out such a great cause!!!

Disclaimer:   This is my basket of items I will be handing out today.   The pencils have been wrapped with the Sunday comics and the fingers are erasers.   Hehehe – hoping some of the kids in the neighborhood get my crazy humor.   Of course there are chocolate candies as well.    No fingers were damaged in the making of these projects.   Boo!